High on life!

High on life

Why people force me to drink?
Why they always have to wink?
I find this behavior so absurd!
Why so many of us have to be emotional-kinks?

Whatever they feel,
Whatever they go through,
I don’t want my mind in such a curfew.
How can, so often, they opt for this mental kneel?!

They sit with a bottle,
I sit with my mind.
They curse the world,
I cherish every thought.

They suck on unknowns.
I take a lowdown to my known.
They fake love,
I make love!

With the first ray of dawn
All they have to do is yawn!
I flourish with my thoughts,
as random strings are now tied in knots!

They get a hangover
and struggle during their makeover!
I have a long smile
because my joy can spread to a mile.

They freak out on people,
Just over an imperfect lapel.
I am fresh enough
to deal calmly with any goof up.

Yet, they call it fun
And I find it an escape from reality, to run!
Yet, they are sleek, as they get high on a phial
And I am foolish, as … I get high on life!

– Harsha



3 thoughts on “High on life!

  1. Abhishek Reply

    People loved themselves thats way they want the things go according to them.what we want that we have to decide.sale is going on what we want to buy it is decided by us only.?

  2. Rashmi Reply

    Loved it!
    The path is long and tough… but I know you’ll continue getting higher and higher on life 😉

    Good luck!

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