Commercialization of Emotions

Commercialization of Emotions

Addicted to sorrow,
Paths of value becoming so narrow!

To increase the intimacy,
People walk through sympathy.
Acquiring the supremacy
Now we commit emotional piracy!

Measured smiles,
Memories maintained in files
Even tears under surveillance
Evolved is an era of emotional intelligence!

Magnified are the gifts
But no feelings that fit!

Deleted are the relations
Torn are the creations
Along with physical nourishment
This age we learn emotional management!

Heart is the only one to seek the insides,
To observe before it decides.
It is open to sanitation
Because it wants that emotional realization!

Yet, we borrow happiness.
We secure silence.
We sell convenience.
And, we buy emotional assurance!

We are amidst a dramatic evolution
And emotions are set for commercialization!

– harsha

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