School of thoughts


Focus went to school of thoughts,
Her welcome kit came with an onslaught.
She hardly knew anyone.
Anyway, she was concerned only about fun.
Her Principal was Mr. Incidence,
Her Class Teacher, Miss Perception.
The class monitor was a cool dude called Mood!
That’s what she was told at the Reception!

Focus entered her new class
The walls and benches were of glass.
Focus wanted to meet her new friends.
To get along with their trends!
Her first friend was a girl named Random.
She introduced her best friend as Boredom!
Random told Focus about the most popular guy, Excitement.
He is always surrounded by girls named Happy, Fun and Enjoyment.

Boredom’s crush was on a girl named Jealousy.
Who was hitting on Cheating.
The class topper was Dedication,
Who liked Participation!

Focus met Process
And then a stud Hope.
She almost walked on a jerk called Failure,
But she was saved by a nice guy named Practice!
In the last class, when Focus was looking for the Clerk,
She met the smartest guy named Hardwork.
He had a close friend named Success!

With her school sack,
Focus was on her way back,
When she met Simplicity
And they became friends for eternity!

– Harsha

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