The dye has been cast

The dye has been cast
From a cigarette

You read the warning
And you ignore!
You light me as a stick
And you ignore!

I burn, I cry, I scream,
You wail, laugh or weep
But you never see the vapors of my tears
My wounds inspire you
My spark aspire you

When done, you stamp me
But you can’t brush me!
I leave my mark! Oh, you silly!
On your thumb,
Making you numb!
With my funeral, I take your lung.

When you step on me
You give the RSVP
You soon joining me in my burns
In my cries, in my screams…

You walk anyway
I sing and sway
You live fast
And I know, the dye has been cast!

– Harsha

2 thoughts on “The dye has been cast

  1. AK Reply

    That’s bloody good Harsha.. Very nicely written!! Kudos… n keep ’em coming!!

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