Yes, I believe in heroes!

You were my hero.
Who fought the demons of my mood swings.
Who dealt with my nonsensical talks.
Who gifted me beautiful moments during our walks.

You were my hero.
Who held me together when I was in pieces.
Who made me sleep when I’d cry and crib.
Who touched my face when I’d be fast asleep.

You were my hero.
Even when you left me alone on the dark roads.
When winters gave birth to our love,
And, summers dried it up.
With the monsoons, it would be drowned!

You would still be my hero.
When, in my mind, I’ll hold your hand,
At our Drive, in the rain.
In my mind, I’ll still look in to your eyes,
When standing at the door, in the train.

You are my hero.
In my mind, you are still mine!
– Harsha

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